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At the end of a long day in a big city, be it for business or leisure, there is always a need to unwind and to find the tranquility inside. Our serviced apartments boast a design inspired by the Japanese Wabi-Sabi trend to create a space that is calm, relaxing, organic, and especially in contrast with the cityscape outside. What makes this residential living so special is its strong connection with nature. From the rooftop, where you can enjoy smoking and sipping morning coffee or tea, to each apartment's enclosed balcony, where you can meditate and relax, you always feel the calm serenity of being surrounded by nature.



Open your window, enjoy your balcony, cook in your own kitchen, yet still benefit from the service of a hotel. Our house cleaning and laundry by washing machine services are complimentary for your everyday convenience, plus our staff is always ready to make sure your stay is perfect.

Wabi-Sabi Serviced Apartments is centrally located and in close proximity to the city center and historical landmarks.  And enjoy parks, shops, restaurants, coffee shops and 24/7 convenient stores, all within walking distance.

Rates are determined by the length of stay, with monthly discounts for long-term stays.


Communication and entertainment

Comfort and security


  • Internet high speed

  • Full HD TV

  • International satellite TV

  • Landline (*paid service)

  • Air conditioner

  • Safe

  • Hairdryer

  • Bed sheets and towels

  • Washlet toilets

  • Bath tubs

  • Laundry

  • Room Cleaning (6 times/week)

  • Fridge

  • Multifunctional oven with microwave

  • Kettle & tea set

  • Comprehensive set of dinnerware cutlery, dishes, glasses


  • Wifi

  • Convenience store (outside facility)

  • Super Market (outside facility)

  • Motorbike park (free of charge)

  • Residents’ Lounge

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